The First Five Healthcare Subcommittee is an open community committee. This committee dedicated to the goal that children, birth through age five, in the Dalton-Whitfield community, their families, and expecting parents, will be aware of the availability of community health, nutrition, and mental healthcare services and resources to ensure that children arrive to school with healthy minds and bodies.

Current Initiatives of the Healthcare Subcommittee Include:

  • Expecting parents will have access to affordable medical prenatal care
  • Expecting parents and parents of young children will have the awareness of child developmental milestones
  • Maintaining an easily accessed database of healthcare and mental health community resources and services

Committee members:

Gayle Brannon, Whitfield County Health Department

State Representative Bruce Broadrick, Walgreens Pharmacy

Esther Cabrera-Familia, Northwest Georgia Healthcare Partnership

Pamela Cudd, City of Refuge

Melinda Edgeman, Hamilton Medical Center

Matt Evans, Rockbridge Community Church

Dr. Jim Gregory, Retired OB/GYN

Suzanne Harbin, Family Connections

Steven Miracle, Georgia Mountains Health Services

Lisa Peden, Dalton State College, Nursing

Lynda Ridley, Dalton State College, Nursing

Tanya Smith, Georgia HOPE

Mary Wise, Georgia HOPE

Dana Trowell, Dalton State College, Nursing

Dr. Luis Viamonte, Retired Pediatrician